Honorary Degree for working adults:

An honorary degree is a degree for which an institute or university waves the usual requirement and awards working adults honorary degree based on their work experience. An institute or university awards honorary degree to an individual to recognize his efforts. Universities highlight top performing individuals by giving them honorary doctorate degree in order to make them proud on their achievements. When a university takes a decision to award someone on his abilities, skills, and efforts, they first evaluate the performance of that individual and then his capabilities in the specified field.  After completing the whole evaluation process universities the committee of university holds a ceremony to give that individual the result of his efforts i.e. the honorary degree.

Who is eligible for honorary degree?

Nominations of honorary degree for candidates come from a variety of sources including management, faculty, and board members of respective college or university. University rewards honorary degree to individual based on efforts and performance. University management feels grateful in rewarding those candidates who performed exceptionally throughout their university tenure. Those working professionals who have worked for the betterment of society are eligible to get an honorary doctorate degree.  The honorary doctorate degree will add value to your current career portfolio and therefore your chances to be selected by top employers will increase. If your career portfolio matches the basic requirements needed to reward a person with honorary degree then quick life experience degree management team will shortlist your profile to award you honorary doctorate.

Value of honorary degree:

For over the years renowned universities and colleges have rewarded individuals honorary degree for their efforts and lasting impact on society. These individuals include list of working professionals, musicians, politicians, actors, sports figures and some corporate CEO as well. Many universities awards honorary degree to their most famous and performing faculty members. Recipients of honorary doctorate are chosen through a voting process by university’s management. University set different criteria to reward a person with honorary doctorate and typically it is offered to those only who have performed exceptionally at university and professional level. Many universities and college do not allow faculty or employees to be eligible for honorary degree. The real value of honorary degree is highlighted when we talk about the international acceptance of resume.

Honorary Doctorate:

An Honorary doctorate is the highest academic recognition that university can bestow. Candidates for this degree should have proven record of excellence in their life. A criterion for awarding an honorary doctorate is same as that of honorary degree but it requires more accomplishments and efforts from candidates’ side. After strict evaluation by board members and decision making committee honorary doctorate is offered to the deserving candidate to make him appear separately from the rest of potential candidates.